The SP212 is a compact portable dual-12” subwoofer, available in either an unpowered model (SP212), or equipped with an internal Powersoft™ amplifier (SP212P).  The powered SP212P is also equipped with a powered, processed NL4 output for an unpowered companion speaker, so a complete stand-alone speaker system can be created with one SP212P, mounting pole, and companion speaker.  Four DSP presets (8190/8290, 114RT-PXO, CPC1210, and a flat high-passed 80Hz output) are provided on the SP212P to quickly optimize the performance of both the sub and the companion loudspeaker. 

The SP212/SP212P are designed to be used as a base for portable systems in corporate rental, live performance, and portable church applications. As a powered sub with an additional  600W(8Ω)/1,000W(4Ω) DSP-processed output channel, the SP212P simplifies the process of setting up portable systems, and reduces costs by removing the need for a separate rack, amps, processor, and powered companion loudspeaker.  The SP212P also features an unprocessed loop-through line-level XLR connector to route signal to additional units, minimizing cabling requirements. As the system is already optimized for its companion loudspeakers, set-up time is minimized.

Equipped with two high-power 12” woofers with neodymium magnet structures, the SP212/SP212P provides solid performance from 35Hz to 200Hz, and is capable of providing 125dB (@1M, Continuous; 128dB, Program).  Both the SP212 and SP212P are equipped with corner casters, pole-socket, and side handles, can be stacked, and the compact size is easily transported.  The Powersoft™ amp module included with the SP212P optimizes system performance, protects system components with built-in clip limiter, and features Power Factor Correction for stable operation.




Key Features/SP212P
  • Equipped with an internal Powersoft™ amplifier

  • Power Factor Correction for stable operation.

  • Powered, processed NL4 output for an unpowered companion speaker

  • Four DSP presetsfor use with:

  • Unprocessed loop-through line-level XLR

  • Corner casters, pole-socket, and side handles

  • Built-in clip limiter


Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the high quality and intelligibility of sound is required

  • Corporate rental, live performance and portable Church applications




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