LS6593v2-WT's All Saint's Cathedral University of the South

The LS6593v2 represents a breakthrough in high performance compact line array loudspeaker technology.

Utilizing patented ribbon planar drivers this unique design concept provides different options for vertical dispersion allowing versatile system configuration for a variety of applications. It is one of the most flexible and cost effective tools based on modern advanced technology principles available today.

The LS6593v2 concept is based on a woofer/tweeter line array. HF-units are mounted on a front panel creating a coaxially positioned ribbon tweeter array. The woofer array consists of 6 x 5.25 drivers.

The tweeter array consists of 10 proprietary ribbon planar drivers. The LS6593v2 is a straight line array with extremely controlled vertical dispersion.

The building block concept allows for a large number of configurations and resulting coverage patterns. Threaded inserts on the back allow for many mounting options.

Both units are fully environmental and are available in black and white. 70volt 60watt versions are available as well.



Available Wall Mount
Option BKT.LS6593v2
Check Operation Manual for Details

Available Pole Mount Option POLE.LS6593v2
Check Operation Manual For Details



Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality and intelligibility of sound is required - especially effective in highly reverberant and/or elongated spaces.

  • Sound reinforcement in churches and auditoriums
  • Paging in difficult acoustic environments
  • Stack columns to achieve taller vertical sound field for raked seating applications
  • Stacking columns also produces line source behavior at lower frequencies, which increases thrown distance.




Key Features:
  • Direct radiating proprietary planar ribbon high frequency line source module delivers unsurpassed sound quality
  • True line source behavior due to precise coupling of transducers
  • Cylindrical wave radiation:
    - Produces loss of 3dB loss per doubling of distance as opposed to the 6dB loss of a point source system.
    - Greatly restricts vertical spreading of sound field which significantly reduces ceiling and floor reflections dramatically improving direct to reverberant ratios resulting in improved speech intelligibility
  • The sealed enclosure is made from extruded aluminum with poly-cone woofers and planar ribbon tweeters for use in extreme weather conditions
  • Extremely wide horizontal coverage
  • Available with a 60W 70V transformer


LS6593V2-BK's Phoenix International Raceway


LS6593Sv2-BK Branson Landing Branson, MO


LS6593V2-BK's Phoenix International Raceway



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