Since the early 1970's
, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing, and touring with some of the most innovative loudspeaker systems in the industry. For years, our custom crafted cabinets have been used by some of the biggest names in the business. Now, through continuing development, our loudspeakers have evolved to the highest level of sonic engineering; the perfect union of craftsmanship and technology. Our loudspeakers reproduce any input source with an uncolored accuracy not possible by any others in their category.

The secret of our success stems from the use of new Ribbon Driver TechnologyTM combined with our proprietary horn, woofer and cabinet designs. With the development of exotic new materials used in the manufacture of our drivers, extreme high outputs are achieved with a fidelity and clarity known only in world class audiophile speaker systems.

The ultra-low distortion and extremely fast transient response of our high frequency drivers allows our speakers to produce accurate sound over a wider dynamic range. The result, unprecedented musical detail at high sound levels with much less listener ear fatigue.



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